Registration of martial arts schools

Martial Arts schools or institutes may become registered by the Academy as an accredited Budo school.

Academy recognition implies:


  • Registration and publication of the accredited institution in the Academy’s web site and annual publications. 

  • Entitling the school to set courses and advanced training on behalf of the International Budo Academy. 

  • Graduates of the accredited institutions are entitled to award International Budo Academy’s DAN degree certificates to their apprentices.

  • Discount for activities held on behalf of the Academy. 

To apply, the following must be submitted:


  • Name of Head Master, his degree and origin of certification. 

  • Please enclose CV and copies of degree certificates / diplomas. 

  • Number of years of the school activity. 

  • Number of instructors and apprentices in the school. 

  • Number of Black Belt certifications issued by the school. 

  • Address and phone number of school / organization or Budo coordinator.​

The above should be submitted to the Dean’s chamber, and final approval will be done by the Academic Committee, with the following conditions: 


  • Receipt of all of the above documents. 

  • Academy course graduation of the school educational staff 

  • The certification will be valid for a period of 3 years. If the school senior staff remains unchanged, the certification will be automatically renewed.

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