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November 9th, 2013

The President of IBSSA - ISF Dr. Ron Kluger has been invited by President of AAU Karate Program Mr. Joe B. Mirza, as official guest of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union of the USA - National Karate Program) Nationals - 2005. This years Nationals held in the beautiful city of Lakeland, Florida.


The AAU Nationals is a huge exemplary event of over 6000 sportsmen week long gathering. the first two days are for education (clinics, lectures, meetings) and the rest of the days are the National Championships.


The clinics and the lectures has been executed by the world leading Master Teachers of the Karatedo -Mikami Sensei (Shotokan), Kotaka Sensei (Shito ryu), Mirza Sensei (Shotokan), Merriman Sensei and Kluger Sensei (Goju ryu), Saito Sensei (Shito ryu), Oshiro Sensei (Ryurei ryu), George Kotaka, Elisa Au and Christofer Pinna world Champions and others. Over 1400 participants in the world class clinics. 


During the great event Mr. Joe B. Mirza has been conferred as Doctor of Philosophy - Budo Leadership & Education. Dr. J. B. Mirza the legendary leader of AAU Karate Program announced that the AAU and the International Budo Academy will fully cooperate in a project of creating a full educational system to assist and strengthen Martial Art Teachers in Pan America.


Dr.Kluger, Dean of IBA, held several meetings with Dr. Joe B. Mirza Head of IBA Pan American Chamber, and reached agreement concerning full cooperation for hosting and combining the events of IBSSA Congress, IBSSA - ISF World Martial Arts Convention and AAU Nationals 2006 in MIAMI, USA during July 2006.


Dr. Kluger held several important meetings with senior Police officers concerning future development of IBSSA activities with in the USA and specially in Hawaii.

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