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Accreditation of martial arts degrees

The International Budo Academy will validate DAN degrees and upgrade a DAN degree (in specific cases).  Following the upgrading, the relevant DAN certificate will be awarded. 

diploma award
martial arts diploma award
Prerequisites for degree accreditation


Provide photocopies of the latest DAN certificate and all former DAN certificates from Budo Ryuha(s)/ Organization(s)/ School(s)/ Dojo(s) 
CV regarding Martial Arts, which include: 

  • Applicant's age and the start date of Martial Arts studies 

  • Data regarding schools attended by the applicant's Teachers 

  • Other relevant issues 

  • Formal education, and profession, etc. 

  • Recommendation from an accredited teacher

Prerequisites for degree upgrading


Recommendation from an accredited Teacher 
Receipt of CV as mentioned above 
Additional information as requested by the Academy

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